How do I pass training?

Your Crisis Text Line Training assessment is divided into three major categories: Commitment, Community, and Skill Demonstration. Throughout training, you will receive scores and feedback from your Coach in order to determine if this is the right volunteer opportunity for you.


  • You complete ALL training checkpoints (there are 11 of them total) and adhere to the syllabus.
  • You consider and implement your Coach's feedback.
  • You show progress by developing your skills over time, and reach out to your Coach if you need support or assistance in improving your grades.
  • You're committed to and passionate about CTL’s mission!
  • You understand that we are committed to helping you assess whether or not this is the right volunteer opportunity for you.


  • Attitude: you're resilient, patient, understanding, and kind...this is tough work!  
  • Behavior: you're helpful and respectful in group discussions
  • Communication: you're proactive and timely about initiating/ responding to Coach communications
  • Compliance: you agree to the CTL Terms of Service (you always maintains confidentiality, and respect appropriate boundaries)
  • Self-Care: you develop and stick to a self-care plan (we'll help you with this one!)

Skill Demonstration

  • You know how to cultivate rapport and build trust
  • You exhibit empathy in a nonjudgmental and nondirective manner
  • You know the risk assessment protocol and follow it thoroughly and correctly
  • You empower the texter instead of giving advice
  • You respond to texter in under 3 minutes using appropriate spelling and grammar
  • We value growth and the development of skills over time - and we know you can’t do this alone!
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