What if I can’t start training on the start date?

Training is self-paced, which means you can study and complete assignments on your own schedule. (It’s okay to get started after the start date!) However, we do have weekly due dates in our materials. These are our guidelines for helping you stay on track to complete training in the time allotted, without overloading yourself in any given week.

If you fall too far behind the recommended pace of training, your Coach will ask you to defer training and reschedule for a time that works better for you.

If you experience a change in circumstances and you’re concerned about falling behind, please email your Coach as soon as possible so they can discuss next steps with you.

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    Patty Mary

    How far ahead can I begin training? With all my commitments it doesn’t look like I’d be able to start until end of August. Is that too far ahead?

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